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Translation of English, French, and Spanish into Portuguese and of Spanish, French, and Portuguese into English


Revision of previously translated documents to ensure accuracy and to make small changes, as required


Interpretation of English, French, and Spanish into Portuguese and of Spanish, and Portuguese into English


Copy-Editing and Stylistic Editing to adjust texts to target audiences

Meet our Experienced Team



Translator and Interpreter

Gabriela has a BSc (Agriculture) in Animal
Science and over 20 years of experience
as a translator and conference interpreter.



Animal Health and Production Specialist

Ken is a DVM with 35 years of field
and management experience in
animal health and production.

American Translators

Translator Certified in Portuguese

Association of Translators
and Interpreters of
Ontario (ATIO)

Certified Conference Interpreter

International Association
of Conference Interpreters

Accredited Member

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Second time working a high-level delegation


Second time working a high-level delegation from Portugal and the Prime Minister. It should happen more often. It’s fun!…particularly the scrum after the opening remarks, when you simply don’t know what will be talked about, and it is FAST!

What our clients say about us

It was great being in touch again, and I thank you for providing the translation on such short notice. It is always a pleasure working with you.

Director of the International Department of an NGO

I just finished reading the two files you returned. I am impressed with the high quality of your translation! The file on (...) is simply EXCELLENT!!!

Colleague Translator

“Gabriela has
been fantastic!”

Director of International Markets and Medical Specialist of an Intensive Growing Operation

Thank you for making the exchange program of the (…) a success. Without you, this outcome would not have been possible. Your extra effort during the program did not go unnoticed, and it was very much appreciated.

Director of the International Department of an NGO

Excellent! Very good! Thank you for accepting this job on such a short notice and for returning the translation so quickly. This is exactly what I was hoping for!

Executive of an on-line Magazine

I read the file more attentively, and your solution is genius.
This girl knows what she is doing!

CEO of a Translation and Interpretation Agency

What a great job!

Conference Attendant